Bluebox Auctions is a new venture for John Robinson, who has a long history in antiques and collectables. Bluebox Auctions is gaining a reputation for honest, friendly customer service, for returning the best hammer values for vendor’s goods. With our clear and competitive pricing and free appraisal service, we strive to be customer friendly.

Our Tuesday open appraisal days at Settle Victoria Hall have become very popular. These give an opportunity to have interim discussions regarding selling your goods at auction and to discuss house clearances. With our auctions being online, the opportunities are endless. We have recently had bidders register from China and Australia.   

Our working area tends to be around the Yorkshire Dales, Lakelands the m65 corridor and parts of West Yorkshire. However, we don’t have a particular catchment area. We will work with anyone in any area, and are fortunate to have vendor clients as far afield as Hampshire, Sheffield and Newcastle.

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